The Fairy Bookmothers || Hashtag dust

Allie's Little Avenue

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HELLO FRIENDS! I bet you thought you’d seen the last of me! But alas, no, that isn’t true! I just had to take a little-unexpected hiatus due to my mental health & family business! I am hoping to ease back in though so if you guys could just hang in there with me and keep being amazing that would be fantastic!

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It’s Jenga with stacked books || TTT

Sunday September 16 Felicia's Garden 2-6pm (2)

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In case you thought your To Be Read pile was safe from towering over with even more recommendations, think again you small, naive child. I’m about to smash that thought to smithereens and add yet more books to the already wobbly pile! Collecting books for our TBR is our thing. And, let us be honest, you could be collecting much worse things in life other than the magic that is overflowing from our stack of books!post-divider 4

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